Chorale Conversations: Dilara Ince, alto


Tell us a bit about your musical background, including how many years you have sung in a choir?

I’ve studied music in high school and university and it has become a part of my life. I’ve done choir in high school for about four years where I had the privilege of performing at the Sydney Town Hall with like-minded people. After I graduated high school, I kept reminiscing about the choir and thought to myself, “Well, there has to be a choral group in Brisbane!” which has led me here, performing in Brisbane’s town hall with people who have the same love for choral music like me.

What made you fall in love with choral music?

Choral music has become nostalgic for me because of the fun moments I had in high school while being a part of a choir. Singing with a group of people helps me explore my passion for singing without being the main focus.

Why did you decide you wanted to be part of Brisbane Chorale?

Well, to be honest, it was the first option that popped up when I searched for ‘choirs in Brisbane’ and I’m glad it was! Being a part of Brisbane Chorale has been the highlight of my 2021.

What’s your favourite choral performance that you’ve been a part of and why?

Well, so far, I’ve only performed with Brisbane Chorale once, and it was exhilarating. I cannot wait to perform again in May for our new concert, ‘The Mendelssohns: Adversity & Hope’.

Inside many choral singers is a frustrated soloist! If you were a world-famous singer choosing repertoire for your next concert tour, which piece of music would you absolutely have to include and why?

Being a soloist is fun, but the magic of when all kinds of voices come together is more fun for me. However, if I had to choose, it would have to be from last year’s performance, Gabriel Faure’s ‘Cantique de Jean Racine’. The song itself is so beautifully melancholy. And I’m a sucker for music that sounds romantic.

Tell us a little about your occupation, what you do when not hard at work learning Chorale repertoire!

I’ve recently landed a job in hospitality as a Guest Services Agent. I’m the first person people see when arriving at a hotel.

Besides singing, do you have any special talents or skills you’d like to share with us?

On the side, I make my own music and love to paint whenever I have the sudden rush to do so.

I’ve recently painted a self portrait that I’ve decided to hang on my bathroom wall. Don’t ask me why, but it matched my bathroom decor!