Chorale Conversations: John Coulton


As a performing artist, what’s it been like for you since COVID-19 began?

As a professional musician the post COVID-19 landscape has been bleak to say the least. I’ve been more fortunate than some with my teaching work to fall back on, but there are many in the music and entertainment industry that are doing it tough. Looking ahead to the future, I’m really looking forward to rehearsing and performing on a much more regular basis. I really miss playing music with my professional friends and colleagues and the buzz and excitement of performing incredible music in front of a live audience.

Which brass (or other) player/s are your heroes and why?

My trumpet hero would have to be Maurice André. The incredible sound he was able to make and the way he was able to influence the musical world landscape and make the trumpet a highly respected and valued solo instrument is something that trumpet players all over the world are truly thankful for.

What pieces or works are on your performance “bucket list”?

Musical works on my bucket list…there are so many! I would love to perform ALL the Mahler and Bruckner symphonies in my lifetime. I’ve been lucky to perform many of them already but there are still a few I’ve never played…yet. There is a work for brass, choir and percussion by the French composer Henri Tomasi titled ‘Liturgical Fanfares’ (Fanfares Liturgiques) that I would like to perform at our next Joyful noise concert in 2022 if I can just convince Emily … (hint hint!)

If you could invite five guests (past or present) to a dinner party, who would you invite and why?

Five guests to a dinner party…hmmmm, that’s a tough one. Maurice André so I could talk and play trumpet with him, David Attenborough so I could find out more about the natural world and discuss the future of humanity. Warren Buffet so I could learn about improving my finances and get some red-hot stock tips! Professor Brian Cox so I could talk about Astrophysics, particles, and black holes (a regular fascination of mine). King Tutankhamun so I could find out more about Ancient Egypt and find out who and how they built the Pyramids!

What else might we find on your play-list besides brass and classical music?

On my playlist you will find lots and lots of variety. I pride myself on being a very versatile musician able to play virtually anything, so I often listen to a lot of different styles and genres. I’m a huge fan of movie music and Hollywood soundtracks so I’ve got quite a lot of that on my playlist too.

Besides playing, do you have any special talents or skills you’d like to share with us?

Besides being a professional musician, I also teach at some of the most prestigious schools in Southeast Queensland and play basketball in a couple of the local amateur leagues. I’m getting older these days so it’s getting tougher now!