First rehearsal
First rehearsal, 2017

No 2: And-The-Children-Of-Israel

No 3: And-The-Children-Of-Israel

2: And The Children Of Israel Sighed (p.1)
4: They Loathed To Drink Of The River (p.13)
6: He Spake The Word (p.21)
7: He Gave Them Hailstones (p.30)
8: He Sent A Thick Darkness (p.39)
9: He Smote All The First-Born Of Egypt (p.42)
10: But As For His People (p.48)
11: Egypt Was Glad (p.56)
12: He Rebuked The Red Sea (p.62)
13: He Led Them Through The Deep (p.63)
14: But The Waters Overwhelmed Their Enemies (p.70)
15: And Israel Saw That Great Work (p.74)
16: And Believed The Lord (p.75)
17: Moses And The Children Of Israel (p.78)
18: I Will Sing Unto The Lord (p.80)
20: He Is My God (p.97)
21: And I Will Exhalt Him (p.98)
23: The Depths Have Covered Them (p.112)
24: Thy Right Hand, O Lord (p.115)
25: And In The Greatness (p.123)
26: Thou Sentest Forth Thy Wrath (p.124)
27: And With The Blast Of Thy Nostrils (p.132)
30: Who is Like unto Thee (p.146)
31: The Earth Swallowed Them (p.147)
33: The People Shall Hear (p.156)
35: The Lord Shall Reign (p.175)
37: The Lord Shall Reign (p.177)
39: Sing Ye To The Lord (p.180)

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